08 February 2010

I shouldn't shout ... but MUTE is coming out!

Hello, everyone!

While I've been busy rewriting my new play The Darkest Room in the House for Bridge Productions these days for its performance in March 2010, I got word that my newest book of poems, Mute, will be shipping within two weeks. (OMG.)

Here's what A Midsummer Night's Press had to say about my book:

"Do not be afraid of your face.
Move into a beam of light
in the bar. Smile openly.
Watch his hands move
quicker than strobe lights
as he surveys the crowd with his friends.
Do not think of how hard
it might be to have a casual

-- From “How to Fall for a Deaf Man”

Silence is always a powerful statement, but even more so in the hands of Raymond Luczak, who demonstrates in his third collection what it’s like to navigate between the warring languages of confusion and clarity.

As a deaf gay man in the hearing world, he lends an unforgettable voice to his reality of ache and loss beyond the inadequate translation of sound."

Kinda flattering, no? I have absolutely no idea who those two sexy guys on the cover are, but I like how they seem to be listening for each other's silence. Heck, you can "listen" to my new poems by preordering a copy of Mute at this link. (Yep, shipping is FREE within the U.S.!)

If you want the book's ISBN number for ordering through your favorite bookstore, please copy the product information from here. You can also preorder the book from Amazon, but it won't likely ship as quickly.

In a week or so, I will post a few samples and a trailer for the book on YouTube and elsewhere online. I've also consolidated all my book trailers into one place on YouTube. Check them all out!

Thanks again for your continued support. May your toes stay warm and toasty!



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