27 January 2010

Hey, I'm back!

The first month of 2010 is almost over, and I still feel like I've been on a whirlwind between a number of projects that will see fruition later this year. (I'll share more details in due time when they're ready.)

For now, I've uploaded a brand-new clip promoting my novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS which I'd taped on January 10th, and yes, I've also included a new PDF sampler from the book as well. Go to this link for the PDF and check out the video below. (The look is a bit different as I'm using a new Flip video camera that does hi-def.)

If you don't know American Sign Language (ASL), relax. The clip is subtitled in English, and there is no soundtrack. Give your ears a break!

My next book of poems, MUTE, is practically good to go. Within the next two weeks or so, I'll post a copy of the cover for your enjoyment. A Midsummer Night's Press is publishing it in April. I don't have a page about the book on my web site yet, but as soon as you can preorder the book, I'll create a page (or two) with a few poem samples.

And what other projects have been keeping me out of trouble these days? A few new books, including two non-Deaf novels in search of a publisher, and a renewed interest in cooking new recipes, making breads, and baking cookies. Yum yum yum!

So it isn't just my poor addled brain that I've been pushing hard lately. I'm feeding it with exciting new flavors. Here's hoping (however belatedly) that 2010 will be an exciting new year!