21 October 2010

Whoa! MUTE has made it to #6!

Hello all:

I'm a bit breathless with excitement. Amos Lassen, one of the most influential reviewers on Amazon and elsewhere, has chosen my book MUTE as #6 in his list of Top 11 Books of 2010.

I feel so honored and flattered that out of the dozens of titles he's had to have reviewed this year, he'd remembered my book!

Sorry but I *just* had to share!


18 October 2010

Gotta shout this out loud! MUTE is on YouTube ...


I've been very busy with a lot of projects these days, but at least I was able to finish one in particular: My book MUTE has a new trailer in which I talk about why I wrote it. :) You can check it out on YouTube. It's all subtitled in English for the signing-impaired, of course.

Have lots of exciting news in store, but I will share it as soon as details are confirmed!

Have a great week, all!