21 September 2009

And another clip about my new book WHISPERS OF A SAVAGE SORT ...

This is the other clip I'd completed earlier today. In it, I talk about the four full-length plays in my collection WHISPERS OF A SAVAGE SORT AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT THE DEAF AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, which Gallaudet University Press brought out recently. The clip is silent but subtitled in English for those who don't know American Sign Language (ASL). Enjoy!

A new clip about being a Deaf playwright ...

Today I finally completed two short clips to celebrate the publication of my new collection WHISPERS OF A SAVAGE SORT AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT THE DEAF AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (Gallaudet University Press). The first one below is about how I got into Deaf theater. (It's silent but subtitled in English in case you don't know American Sign Language.)

04 September 2009



Ah yes, rumors are indeed true! Rehearsals for my next play I Never Slept with Helen Keller have already begun. Albert Walla directs Galinda K. Goss-Kuehn and Pamela Wright Meinhardt, so I'm very excited about the show finally happening. (About time!) Of course, Andrew J. Oehrlein is the producer. Deanna Fischer and Tarra Grammenos will voice Galinda and Pamela in this show.

Performances run from November 12 through November 22. And yes, Virginia, there's such a thing called ordering your tickets online. Check out the Deaf Blender Theatre's web site and reserve your tickets! I'll talk a bit more about the show in the weeks ahead, but I did want to start a very *true* rumor about my play right here, right now!

What?!? Summer's over already?

Oh, gee.

The summer of 2009 has proven to be a strange one in recent memory; I've never had this much theater injected into my veins.

My Fringe Festival play That Chair was My Wife came and went. My next play I Never Slept with Helen Keller has already started rehearsals, and audition notices for my 18th play, The Darkest Room in the House, have been posted, which opens on March 12, 2010. (Yep, that one is a hearing-only play directed by a hearing director and produced by a hearing producer; the show has nothing to do with deafness or disability. I'm very excited about this production because it means that I've proven that I don't have to write all the time about Deaf and/or GLBT issues in order to get produced. And the director Brian Columbus did a truly fine job with his show The William Williams Effect at this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival, so I'm very pleased that he's running the show. And just as delightful is the producer Michelle Storm, who's frighteningly organized. I feel in such good hands with these two people and look forward to working with them. Of course, I will babble about the show later on.)

Gallaudet University Press just informed me that copies of my ninth book, Whispers of a Savage Sort and Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience, have arrived at their offices. I'm supposed to get my copies real soon. Can't wait! (Of course, I will create a book trailer for it and post it online soon. I know I've promised to do this before, but having the actual book in hand is a great impetus!)

A friend alerted me to this link in which a bookstore owner helped a Deaf lesbian customer who wanted to buy a book of mine. I'm very flattered that *any* bookstore owner would know my name, simply because in America, approximately 50,000 titles are published every year. That I'm able to stand out a bit in any bookstore is good news indeed. This is yet another reason why it's so important to support independent bookstores because that's where little folks like me have a chance to shine a bit (and sell a few copies)!

I've said this before, but please do check out my new Thursday column "Which Reminds Me" over at CLERC SCAR. What am I writing about every Thursday? As my editor John Lee Clark says, "Readers are invited to suggest a thing, person, place, event, or concept for Raymond Luczak to write about. You can suggest anything up to three words and send it to editor@clercscar.com and Raymond will pick one to respond to each week." (Yes, the web site has archived my columns, so please sign up and check out the latest creative efforts by the Deaf and signing communities all over the country!) I think you will enjoy the diversity of opinion and creative work from "out there."

So what am I working on next? A new ten-minute play, and then I need to resume working on that little magnum opus of mine. Have a great Labor Day weekend, all!