16 August 2011

Time to play catch-up!

Whoa. Almost THREE months has gone by without my dropping a single line on here?!? Time to play catch-up!

It's been a crazy, busy, and amazing summer so far. I've fallen in love with a wonderful guy, and he was sweet enough to alert me to our third-month anniversary recently. (I can imagine you going, "Awwww.") And I've just finished the fourth draft of a new novel that I've been working on and off for a year and half.

But seriously, a few things about yours truly have popped up online in the last few months. Marion Gomez wrote a strong piece about accessibility and the literary community ("Who Has the Key?") for A VIEW FROM THE LOFT. Check out this link!

Then the writer Kathi Wolfe quoted yours truly in her opinion piece ("Two Minority Groups with a Lot in Common") for THE WASHINGTON BLADE. Read this link and ponder.

In the September 2011 issue of SCENE, the Twin Cities LGBT guide, I wrote about why I chose Minneapolis. Unfortunately the link doesn't take you to the actual page, so you'll have to flip through the pages at this link. (At least I've made it to the front cover in the lower right-hand corner! Yayyy.)

I will also appear in a few new anthologies this fall, but I'll write about those when I return from a little getaway with my handsome boyfriend ...