05 June 2009

A new show, a new novel ....

I've been overwhelmed with a lot of projects over the last few months, but a few of them have come to fruition.

One involved the rewrites for my new show That Chair was My Wife. I thought you'd be interested in checking out the new logo for the show, which Deaf Blender Theater will get sometime next week. (Yayyy!)

What's the show about? A furniture salesman struggles in his extremely unhealthy obsession with chairs. This play explores a few themes: sexual addiction, power, and the all-consuming need to connect. I was inspired when an actor friend who, one day at breakfast, slid into a chair opposite me and jokingly cooed, "Oooh, this chair makes me feel so sexy!" News reports of people arrested for having sex with objects (a patio table, a bicycle, etc.) published over the years indicate that the show's premise hadn't been too far removed from reality. And yes, it's got its share of funny moments. Of course, if you want to check out the full postcard, please check out my home page here. Tickets will go on sale on July 1st.

On June 3rd, I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my high school graduation by talking with a few of my former classmates on Facebook. That was really nice.

When I found myself unable to get started on the third--and final--section of my huge novel (the one I'd started last November), I decided to try my hand at writing a brand-new short story as a warmup exercise. Well, five weeks later, that short story became quite a detour into a novel all its own. I'm very happy that I finished its first draft (about 70K words) two days ago. It's based entirely in the city of Minneapolis, so I will need to do a bit of historical research for its subsequent drafts. While I won't give away its title, I'll share its opening gambit: "One can feel lonely just long enough to feel the fatal punch of a single glance. On January 18, 1967, this is exactly what happened."

Over the next few weeks I will focus on this novel's research and rewrites. Hopefully by then I'll feel more able to finish that other novel.

Have a great weekend, everyone!