30 June 2010

Two quick things before I vamoose!


Hope everyone's staying cool. I certainly am! :)

Seriously, though, I do want to call your attention to the existence of two new poems in print ("Guesswork" and "Bessie Smith's Advice to a Young Lesbian") in OFF THE ROCKS 14. (The cover is below.) The new edition is not yet mentioned in their web site, but do check it out anyway.

Just as importantly, I got a really thoughtful review of my novel Men with Their Hands by Robb C. Sewell. Please read his review here. If you haven't read my novel, please check it out! (Hint, hint ...)

Thanks, and may you all have a most Happy 4th!



24 June 2010

Guess what? I got a *new* dog!

... er, no.

My dog Rocky got such a transformative haircut earlier today that I hadn't realized just how big his tongue was in relation to his own body. At least he can cool off for the next few months. Hard to believe it's the *same* dog!

May everyone stay cool all summer long!

01 June 2010

A long interview with yours truly at Lambda Literary!

Hi everyone!

Hope y'all are staying cool and dry these summery days!

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the interview I did about my experiences as a Deaf gay writer.

Check it out!

Thanks again.