12 April 2009

Who said that Deaf people aren't newsy? I sure am!

Hello gang!

I've been far too busy lately, but I wanted to give y'all a quick summary of what mischief I've been up to lately.

My show UN: 2 SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE was a huge success. Signcasts has uploaded two videos of the director Evonne Bilotta-Burke and me talking about Deaf Blender Theatre. Both videos are unfortunately not subtitled, but if you do happen to know ASL (or just wanna see what we look like), please check out both videos at Signcasts.com!

Andrew J. Oehrlein is producing and directing Deaf Blender Theater's next show, D. L. Coburn's THE GIN GAME, featuring Douglas Bahl and Leslie Yount. The show runs from April 23 to April 25. Please go to Deaf Blender's web site for ticket information (and yes, you can actually order tickets online!). How 21st Century.

Deaf Blender Theatre won a slot to present my new play THAT CHAIR WAS MY WIFE as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which opens on Thursday July 30th. Tickets will go on sale on July 1st at www.fringefestival.org, so please come see us! In the meantime, more information about the show will be posted in a month or so. It should make for an exciting summer!

You may recall reading about my next book PLAYING IT BY EYE: STAGE PLAYS ABOUT THE DEAF AMERICAN EXPERIENCE earlier on this blog. Well, the book is still on track to be published in September 2009; however, Gallaudet University Press has decided to change its title to WHISPERS OF A SAVAGE SORT: AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT THE DEAF AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Its cover is being finalized for the Fall 2009 catalog, so once it's confirmed, I will post it on here with more juicy details. I'm really looking forward to its publication!

I scored one of the best reviews of my career recently. Please read Robb C. Sewell's review of my newest book here. One other review can be found here (by Amos Lassen); I've been told that Richard Labonte and Kathi Wolfe will have their reviews of the book posted soon. I'll link them from here when they're available. And of course, you're more than welcome to purchase your own copy of the book at this link.

That infamous episode of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT ...
You know how urban legends and rumors propagate all over the Internet? I had to laugh when I saw an email forwarded from friends of friends of . . . oh, gee. The email said that there was going to be a brand-new episode of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT. The problem? The email said it would air on Tuesday, April 3rd, which it did in 2007. This year it fell on a Friday, but I've been told by a few people that it's supposed to air on Tuesday, April 14th on the USA Network. If so, please doublecheck your local listings and see the show if you haven't done so already! I still find it hard to believe that more than two years have passed since I shot my big scene with Deanne Bray. And yes, as much as I'd enjoyed being on the show, I'm happily retired from acting! (Below is a snap of my most shamelessly notorious moment on national television.)

I want to congratulate my friend John Lee Clark on the publication of his brand-new book DEAF AMERICAN POETRY. Ever since I met him in August 2001, he'd always talked about the need for an anthology featuring the work of Deaf poets, and by golly, he's finally pulled it off after so many years of researching and assembling what I'm sure will be a fine collection. I haven't seen the actual book itself, but I know that I have six poems in it ("The Crucifixion," "Spelling Bee 1978," "Learning to Speak I," etc.). I can't wait to read the work of other Deaf poets because that's what we need more of these days. Yes, Deaf poetry still matters. So get your own copy!

Before I forget again, I believe that LAMBDA BOOK REPORT, a national quarterly that focuses on LGBT books and authors (or as they say, "the country’s most established review of contemporary LGBT literature"), will run an interview with yours truly later this month. I don't remember what I told the reporter last November, so guess I'll have to refresh my memory by picking up a copy when it comes out. ;-) At least I scored a mention in John Morgan Wilson's "Book Buzz" column for the month of April and Jameson Currier's "Queertype" blog. (Use the Web browser's find function to search for my last name "Luczak" if you check either link!)

Philadelphia Freedom? You bet!
On Saturday April 18th, I will give a rare reading from my book ST. MICHAEL'S FALL and my first public talk about ASSEMBLY REQUIRED as part of the Free Library Festival in Philadelphia. Please come on up and say hello if you're nearby. I promise not to bite, especially if you have a book for me to autograph. (Hint, hint.)

Ah, spring's definitely here! Yayyy.
I was most pleased when SOUTHWEST JOURNAL, a local neighborhood newspaper here in Minneapolis, chose my poem "Winter's Ex-Girlfriend" as part of their Spring Poetry section. To help celebrate spring's arrival, please read the first poem at this link. Enjoy welcoming spring! We've all earned it.

Okay. Anything else?
So yeah, what other mischief am I up to these days? WRITING, since I don't have any book contract after my first novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS, which is to appear in October 2009. You'll "hear" more about the fruits of my labors when I nab book contracts for 'em. Which I hope will be soon.

Sorry if this blog entry feels like an April downpour, but this is what happens when you're busy and forget to inform the world what mischief you've been up to lately. *glances down at my dog resting his head on his front paws* Right, Rocky? Let's go for a walk around the neighborhood! It is spring.

Toodles, everyone!



Shane Mwangi said...

u do keep urself busy, Raymond, youre putting me to shame! Maybe the move to Minnesota is good after all, it keeps u busy!

Do keep me informed re: LAMBDA BOOK REPORT - i ll want to see it myself!

Will buy ur books over the summer :D

Raymond Luczak said...


LAMBDA BOOK REPORT is supposed to come out next month. :-) I'll let you know what I think of it when I get it!

Thanks, and please do let me know what you think when you've read my new books this summer!