14 April 2009

OMG! My hearing service dog's lost a lot of weight!

Today I took Rocky to his groomer's for the first time in many months, simply because I had wanted him to keep his coat thick and warm for winter. Well, spring's indeed arrived, so it was time for him to shed his woolly mammoth look. The transformation was so shocking that when I emailed this picture of him to one of my friends, he said: "I don't recognize that dog. What have you done to Rocky? Where is he?"

I'm sure that some of you have paid close attention to the brouhaha over how Amazon.com had "de-ranked" books by GLBT writers this past weekend, so I decided to check whether my books were ranked at all. I was very pleased to see that EYES OF DESIRE 2: A DEAF GLBT READER was still ranked, along with ... what? My novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS now has its own ISBN number and its publication date of October 2009 listed there. Yayyy! Some folks have asked me when ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: NOTES FROM A DEAF GAY LIFE would be available on Amazon. I'm not even sure when, but for the time being, please support RID Press directly at this link here and get your copy sooner than later! (Thanks.)

In the meantime, I'm getting psyched and ready for my week-long trip back to the East Coast. It'll be so great to catch up with friends in Philadelphia, DC, and New York. I know that I may be a little sad knowing that I won't be seeing Elsa again, but at the same time, I know I'll get to introduce Rocky to all my friends! (And yes, Tom and Jonathan have their own dear miniature daschund named Wendy. I can't wait to meet her!)


Shane Mwangi said...

great to read about Rocky :D

You didnt say that Tom got a mini dachshund! Yu and I are planning to buy one - he wants a small dog and I want a dachshund! We kinda decided on the name "Hot Dog Sam" but I dont know if it is a joke or something serious! :D

We ll decide once we get the dog.

How much do mini dachshunds usually cost?

Raymond Luczak said...


Well, dachshunds can be a bit nippy, but they are wonderful dogs. If Tom and Jonathan's dog is of any indication, they don't seem to like sharing the spotlight, however.

I have no idea how much they cost. They got theirs for nothing. How they got Wendy is something of a complicated story, but she was with someone who'd died of cancer, and she needed a home.

As for your future dog's name, choose a name that's slightly out of fashion. ;-) My trainer chose the name Rocky for my dog, which is a very heterosexual name. :-/

Anyway, do send me pics when you two finally get a dog! Woof woof!