20 March 2012

Two (TWO!!!) tenth-anniversary reissues ...


Obviously, I've been a tad busy in the last few months. (A huge understatement right there.)

When The Tactile Mind Press, the company that published my books This Way to the Acorns and Silence Is a Four-Letter Word ten years ago, went under in 2005, I was so disappointed. Those two titles went out of print at the same time. Things have changed so much in the world of publishing the last few years that Handtype Press has been able to bring out the tenth anniversary editions of both books.

First is This Way to the Acorns. Long before there was Mute, Road Work Ahead, and the forthcoming How to Kill Poetry, there was my second poetry collection, this time about growing up in the woods across the street from my mother's house. I've already posted the first of three video clips from this book: Check out "One Indian Summer" when you get a chance. ("Fireflies" and "The Caterpillar Queen" are forthcoming.) And the critic Michael Northen has given a wonderful and thoughtful review of the book too! You can learn more about the book at Handtype's site.

Second is Silence Is a Four-Letter Word: On Art & Deafness, which is quite different from its previous version. I'll be posting a trailer on YouTube soon. For now, check out the info page for the book!

Part of the reason why I've been so busy is the simple fact that SIGNews, the national newspaper for the Deaf and signing communities that I've been writing for the last nine years, is shutting down next month. I suddenly have a bit more time than I ever had before. (Yayyy.)

And now I'm helping John Lee Clark with his new anthology Deaf Lit Extravaganza! (See the previous post below for more information.)

Over the next few months I hope to finish one of my BIGGGGGGGGG projects. At least spring is here ... but I'm almost afraid to believe it is. It's never like this here in Minnesota in MARCH.

Hope all is well with you, my dahlinks!!!

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