03 December 2009

On ordering MEN WITH THEIR HANDS on Amazon ...

Hey ...

A few of you have asked me about why it seems so hard to find my new deaf gay novel on Amazon.

Simply put, Suspect Thoughts Press had planned to publish it, and that listing hasn't been removed from Amazon's database. (No hard feelings between Suspect Thoughts Press and me; they just didn't have the money to publish it, which was why I went with a new publisher.) Now that Rebel Satori Press (under their Queer Mojo imprint) is publishing the book, you'll need to search Amazon using the ISBN number for my new novel (978-1-60864-024-9). The correct edition will pop up. Or you can click on this link and order a copy! The Amazon situation should be resolved in a few days, so I thank you for your patience.

Better yet, save a few bucks by ordering it directly from Rebel Satori! (The sale price is in effect until 12/31/09.)

For more information about the book, scroll down to the post below. :-)

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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