12 January 2009


My, my! A new year's already here. (I'm just so glad that 2008 is over!)

Right now I don't have much exciting news lately (other than the fact that I'm still slaving away on the first draft of my new little magnum opus, which has entered six figures in terms of its word count) and that I have quite a few irons in the fire, but I did want to announce that UN: 2 SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE (as in the one-acts UNCONDITIONAL MURDER and UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER) will open on February 18th, 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Evonne Bilotta-Burke directs Erin McGovern and Andrew Oehrlein in both plays, with Albert Walla as our ASL signmaster. I'm so grateful to them (and Deaf Blender Theatre) for their understanding of my desire to focus on writing my new novel. (Of course, I'll continue to rewrite both plays as needed!)

In UNCONDITIONAL MURDER, Fiona, a hearing trial lawyer, has never lost a case in court. But this time she’s stuck with Griff, a deaf man who’s been accused of murdering his girlfriend. The problem? He doesn’t care whether or not he’s found guilty, and Fiona doesn’t want to blemish her perfect trial record. And in UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER, Cinderella realizes how truly unhappy she is in her nine-year marriage to Prince Charming, so she challenges both her husband and royal protocol when she finally sets out to find happiness.

Check out the nifty postcard below! We'll be distributing it all over the Twin Cities.

Hope you can join us in the fun onstage! Happy New Year to all!



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