25 October 2007

My sister Mary

Today I went over to the hospital where my sister Mary, who's one year older than I am and who's hearing, held a lovely party to celebrate the fact that it was her last chemotherapy treatment. (She had breast cancer surgery earlier this year, and her tumor was successfully removed. The chemo is basically preventative medicine.)

It was so nice to see her surrounded by her loved ones and friends. I stayed with them for a few hours, so as far as parties in hospitals go, it was a great one. (Yes, I had a bon-bon or two.)

Sleep well, Mary! I'm very happy to know that you'll be around for many years to come! Love ya.


Squ65 said...

Same for my sister Kathy -- she is a cancer breast survivor. She had a double mastosmy last year. She is doing well. She is the third eldest of 9 brothers and sisters. Kathy is a 6 years older than me. I think of her everyday.

Raymond Luczak said...

Yeah, breast cancer really sucks. But luckily, Mary didn't have to have any of her breasts removed. She was in really great spirits today, mainly because she knew it would be the *LAST* chemo treatment.

So where are you in the lineup of nine brothers and sisters? I'm #7 in a family of hearing children. ;-)